Nasty Nasty - Knock

Mino (Winner) - I’m him

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Vanilla Acoustic - Banmaldo Moshaesseo

Vanilla Acoustic - Banmaldo Moshaesseo

kpopunderdogs asked : Hello I would like to request Vanilla Acoustic - Banmaldo Moshaesseo (/watch?v=3CeqyGWz7jo), it's such a beautiful and interesting MV ^-^

sure! I like posting less known groups here:)

Hey guys!

I have important announcement to make:

I have new laptop without much on it - and I can’t make edits of screencaps on it yet; 

so I have to use my old laptop to make anything good to post here, and to do so I need motivation - which are your requests! :)

So if you want any Korean MVs screencaps just send me a message and I won’t be lazy moderator anymore and post lots of edits:)

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WINNER - Empty

Stellar - Mask


Need any Korean MVs screencaps? Fill my ask box with requests! :D

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Sistar - I Swear

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